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Attention! For Android 4.4 and higher folder in external SD card must be /path_to_SDcard/Android/data/rubberbigpepper.VideoReg Folder is case sensitive. Folder must be created (if it does not exist) by built in (in phone ROM!) file browser and selected in VideoReg.VideoReg records road-marking, traffic signs and actions of other participants of the traffic.The capability of the compositing datas with GPS helps to fix positions and speed. VideoReg will make the recording process easy and handy for daily use.It will provied the automatic control of the storage space for the recordings.
Intents to work with Tasker:"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.StartRecord" - start recording"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.StopRecord" - stop recording"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.RescueVideo" -save important video"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.CapturePhoto" - photo capturing"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ShowMainWindow" - showing the main window"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.HideMainWindow" - hide the main window"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.Exit" - exit the program"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ImportSettings" - import settings, when used with the Extra option "File name" the file name with path, import would be out of it"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ExportSettings" - export settings, when used with the Extra option "File name" the file name with path, it will be exported"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.HideMainButtons" - hides the main control buttons"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ShowMainButtons" - shows the main control buttons"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.SwitchCamera" - switching cameras"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.GPSOn" - turn on GPS"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.GPSOff" - turn off GPS